Best Holiday Destination

Each year thousands of people wish to spend their vacations holidaying abroad. There are many destinations with exquisite panoramas in the world. Out of those Switzerland is the most preferred destination. In my opinion, Switzerland is the best travel destination because of the natural beauties, diverse cultures and food. First of all, Switzerland is the best vacation spot because of its natural beauties. For example, The Matterhorn, which is a mountain in the Pennine Alps on the border between Switzerland and Italy. It is seen commonly on calendars and chocolate boxes, but visiting this mountain in person is breathtaking. Its summit is 4478 meters high. Astonishing beauty of Switzerland includes Rhine falls which is considered to be the largest waterfall in the Europe. It is located near the town of Schaffhausen in northern Switzerland. Boat trips can be taken up the Rhine to the falls.

Viewing platforms are built on both sides of the Rhine which has a stunning view of the water falls. In other words travelling to Switzerland and not having a view of its natural beauties wouldn’t make your trip whole. Beyond that, Switzerland is the best travel destination because of its culture. German, French, Italian and Romantsch are the official languages of Switzerland. Folk arts are developed over centuries and are kept alive all over the country. The alpine folk culture is characterized by very expressive dances. Due to the diverse cultural there is a strong and diverse architectural tradition in Switzerland. The different types of architectural styles include The Romanesque style which is rich in expression and are found on many castles. Also major styles include gothic style and baroque style which are found on cathedrals and churches respectively. Lastly, Switzerland has many leisure sports. The leisure sports include gliding, ice hockey, tennis, golf and hiking. Fencing and wrestling are some traditional sports of Switzerland. While Switzerland has many cultures, that is just one reason that I would recommend it as the best vacation spot. Further, delightful Switzerland food makes it to be a favorite tourist spot for foodies.

Switzerland has a diverse cuisine, with influence from its surrounding countries. Switzerland cuisine combines influences from the German, French and Italian cuisines. Traditional Switzerland dishes tend to be made from simple ingredients such as potatoes and cheese because it was historically a country of farmer’s. As it was historically a farmer’s country, growing wheat was difficult in high altitudes, so farmers have always been specializing in milk and dairy products. Also, there are lots of American foods too because of Switzerland’s modernization and general popularity. Lastly, the Switzerland chocolates are delicious. The country’s chocolate is a delicacy that comes in many flavors and styles, including solid dark, milk, or with fillings in the middle such as fruit, jelly, cream or honey. The irresistible food makes Switzerland the favorite tourist spot for foodies. In conclusion, Switzerland is the best international vacation spot. It is an apt destination for nature lovers, culture lovers and foodies. So the next time you plan for a holiday, choose Switzerland as the destination. I bet you will never regret.


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