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Blonde Women following their Dreams

A comparsion and contrast of two movies “Legally Blonde” and “Disappearing Acts”.

This paper compares two movies “Legally Blonde” and “Disappearing Acts” which on the surface seem to be totally unrelated to each other. One deals with a preppy college student and the other about an African American woman wishing to study music. The writer shows that despite https://essaylab.com/5_steps_to_an_essay these seemingly different plots, the movies both are about a woman’s quest to pursue her hearts desire in life. A brief synopsis of each movie is presented.

All movies, whether a comedy, drama, suspense, mystery or any other genre seeks to invoke some type of reaction from the audience. A comedy can invoke empathy, compassion cbest essay writing and suspense just as well as a drama. Usually audiences go into a movie theater not quite knowing what to expect, as clips do not reveal how the movie will ultimately unfold. Legally Blonde and Disappearing Acts are two movies that at first glance, one would think they are completely opposite of one another. Legally Blonde, a comedy is centered around a rich white college student from California, who embodies all of the characteristics of the typical valley sorority girl. Disappearing Acts, on the other hand focuses on an African-American female, living in Brooklyn, New York trying to earn a living by teaching during the day and pursuing her passion for music at night.

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